The End of Analogue Telecare


The Link magazine, distributed to members of the Telecare Services Association (TSA) is acknowledged as the ‘voice’ of the UK telecare and response centre industry.

It is widely read by local government and private response centre service providers, influential strategic and operational managers and of course the technology manufacturers!
The Spring’09 edition included an article from Caretech’s Peter Shirley looking at the rapid transition towards digital telephone networks across Europe.
Entitled ‘The  end of analogue telecare’ it looked at the impact on existing carephone users and services in Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and the UK.
Highlighting the only way forward as IP telephony - as evidenced by our unique CareIP solution- the article also touched on the  problems surrounding ‘hybrid’ solutions.
The article can be read on page 7 of  ‘The Link’ .
Also check out our latest CareIP ad on the inside cover of the magazine!


The Link Magazine


CareIP Phone


Digital Technology For Peace of Mind

Telephone lines throughout the world are currently being switched from an analogue to a digital Network.

CareIP® is the only product on the market to combine the world of social alarms with today’s IP-telephony services. CareIP® has been developed to replace the traditional analogue carephone and  connects to the digital network through broadband and or GSM.

CareIP® provides a platform for new services and contains all of the necessary applications to meet the requirements of today's market.

The digital connection allows continuous monitoring of the unit which gives the user a level of security that surpasses earlier generations of carephones.

CareIP® is a hugely anticipated breakthrough. CareIP® gives you the necessary solution to the demise of the anologue network.

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