National Broadband Rollout


CareTech as a major Global manufacture of Medial Alarm Diallers (also known in Australia as; Personal Emergency Response Systems, Emergency Response systems, Personal Response alarms, Personal Emergency alarm, Personal Medical alarms  and Emergency alarm) is making sure that people that require assistance monitoring are not disadvantaged by the NBN Roll-Out.  In fact we believe with our new CareIP VOIP medical alarm dialler they will be better off.

Why?  Because the NBN roll-out will offer reliable, high speed internet and the CareIP can work across this internet connection. Allowing customers to have a medical alarm service, that continually checks to see if the CareIP is online and working. Standard analogue diallers today have to send a test call at the cost of a telephone call every day only allowing the service to be monitored every 24 hours (a lot can happen in 24 hours).  The constant Internet connection overcomes this limitation.

Today, CareTech and a group of internet providers are working to test their Naked ADSL services so when you, the customer are ready to take advantage of the NBN roll-out we can supply you with the latest technology at the lowest cost.


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